Why An Hermes Birkin Bag Can Cost Up To 100k!!!

Heyylloo once again blogger world. I decided to write about an interesting topic here. Have you ever heard of the Hermes Birkin bag? If you haven't, they are one of the world's most coveted hadbags. Celebrities are seen toting them and the waitlist for these bags are endless. A French brand, Hermes, successfully created a fashion empire out of handbags by creating an illusion of limited supply and infinite demand. These bags can cost up to 100,000 dollars and sometimes even more depending on your customization, preferences, and so forth.

Hermes Birkin Bags are handmade by artists in France. They are made up of animal materials, with different animal skins to choose from. The choices are as wild and as exotic as Himalayan Crocodiles, to Blue Ostriches, to lizards and snakes. Then you can choose the type of hardware you would like, whether its gold, silver, bronze, or simply diamonds and jewels. These bags are hand sewn to perfection and even the animals skin is dyed by h…

How I Got 1000 Reads On Wattpad In 5 Days

Heyylloo Blogger World! So spring has officially begun and I have been getting back into the Wattpad mood. I decided to stop being lazy and go back on that thing after literally 2 years and actually start doing something. I was first of all apalled by how much it changed. Now it has ads and select users called Wattpad Stars can make money and what not. Wattpad is making the transition to becoming the Youtube of Books. This means that eventually more and more people will have money making opportunities on it. With that being said, if your like me and you have never had your book featured, gone viral, or hit the hot list, here is how you can generate views and override the system!

Wattpad users have begun this thing called Read For Reads. You basically go and search up "Read for Read" on Wattpad and many users have books titled just that. Click on a book and comment your story a description in it like the rest of the users have. Usually, users will message you to set up a read…

French Learning Tips For Beginners

Heyylooo Blogger World! I have been thoroughly busy and moreover exhausted from school work. Recently I have been sucked back into the world of French Language and I realized that there are millions of people trying to learn the language! I have had 6 years of French via school classes and I still brush up on it now from time to time. I am in no way fluent, but a step up from being a total amateur. Here are a few tips I have that you can use whether you have French classes or not. To be quite frank, French is one of the more easier languages compared to many other popular languages. It shares alot of cognates or common words with English. That is something to be hopeful about, but French also has a tedious amount of conjugations and tenses to memorize.

1》 The biggest first piece of advice I have is that you learn the "sight words" first!! Sight words are the small transition words we use in language like, "the, their, me, us, I, when, where, and, with, more, less,…

My First Semester In College- Reflection

Heyyloo Blogger World, I have somehow been resurrected and placed by a computer and keyboard again. Its January now, meaning I am into my second week in my second semester as a Freshman in college. I have lived through one semester and was it eventful. Well, grab a seat this might take a while. Let's spill the tea.

      My first semester began as anxious and as exciting as anyone who is an academia addict would expect. I most certainly got lost on my first day as I missed my stop on the bus and ended up in an entirely different part of Atlanta. The panic that coursed that morning was real, I eventually called up a cab to take me back to Geogia State University, since I simply could not find my way back. I rushed to my first class in fear of being late, which was by the way an 8 a.m. class, only to find out timing did not matter and this was a computer lab style class.

    Now in my college they have this system called an "FLC." In other words, "Freshman Learn…

My Top Kpop Groups For 2017

Heyylloo Blogger World! I have comeback today for a post about Kpop. It has been a long while since I have one of those. Last year I had done a post about underrated Kpop groups. Today, I will talk about my favorite groups this year. Before I begin, MONSTA X FINALLY HAD THEIR FIRST WIN!!! 11/14/2017. Ok, I had to let that out. I will talk about Monsta X in a bit, their on the list as well. These past few years in Kpop have been a ride. I have seen the best of the best bands collapse, and the most useless bands rise to the top. But without hesitation, here is my list of bands you should totally check out!
   1) Monsta X
    You saw this coming. Monsta X is a boy group from Starship entertainment. They debuted in 2015, and have now in 2017, received their first award. They were slept on for so long, seriously. This group has amazing albums. I stress that, because I am not really a "check out all the albums" kinda gal. But, I did for Monsta X. They have a hip hop vib…

A Review Of The DC Superhero Girl Dolls

Heyylloo Blogger World! This most might seem a bit out of line, but I feel like someone had to talk about it. If you don't know, I am obsessed with dolls and other such girly toys. So you'll see a post on that occasionally. Doll collecting and Doll photography as well Doll related arts, is a very niche hobby. Thus, many do not know of it. Regardless, I love the doll community and we have all shared our ups and downs together with the recent new doll lines being released by Mattel.

          Mattel is the epitome of everything dolls, as we know it. They own Barbie, Monster High, and Ever After High. They are the powerhouse of the toy industry for girls. It has been a year or so, since a new line has been released by them. This line happens to be the DC Superhero Girls. Mattel had landed a licensing deal last October, to bring our favorite comic book heroines to life. DC girls are bringing forth a huge change in the doll industry.

         They have opened up the…