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French Learning Tips For Beginners

Heyylooo Blogger World! I have been thoroughly busy and moreover exhausted from school work. Recently I have been sucked back into the world of French Language and I realized that there are millions of people trying to learn the language! I have had 6 years of French via school classes and I still brush up on it now from time to time. I am in no way fluent, but a step up from being a total amateur. Here are a few tips I have that you can use whether you have French classes or not. To be quite frank, French is one of the more easier languages compared to many other popular languages. It shares alot of cognates or common words with English. That is something to be hopeful about, but French also has a tedious amount of conjugations and tenses to memorize.

1》 The biggest first piece of advice I have is that you learn the "sight words" first!! Sight words are the small transition words we use in language like, "the, their, me, us, I, when, where, and, with, more, less,…

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