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My Top Kpop Groups For 2017

Heyylloo Blogger World! I have comeback today for a post about Kpop. It has been a long while since I have one of those. Last year I had done a post about underrated Kpop groups. Today, I will talk about my favorite groups this year. Before I begin, MONSTA X FINALLY HAD THEIR FIRST WIN!!! 11/14/2017. Ok, I had to let that out. I will talk about Monsta X in a bit, their on the list as well. These past few years in Kpop have been a ride. I have seen the best of the best bands collapse, and the most useless bands rise to the top. But without hesitation, here is my list of bands you should totally check out!
   1) Monsta X
    You saw this coming. Monsta X is a boy group from Starship entertainment. They debuted in 2015, and have now in 2017, received their first award. They were slept on for so long, seriously. This group has amazing albums. I stress that, because I am not really a "check out all the albums" kinda gal. But, I did for Monsta X. They have a hip hop vib…

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