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My First Semester In College- Reflection

Heyyloo Blogger World, I have somehow been resurrected and placed by a computer and keyboard again. Its January now, meaning I am into my second week in my second semester as a Freshman in college. I have lived through one semester and was it eventful. Well, grab a seat this might take a while. Let's spill the tea.

      My first semester began as anxious and as exciting as anyone who is an academia addict would expect. I most certainly got lost on my first day as I missed my stop on the bus and ended up in an entirely different part of Atlanta. The panic that coursed that morning was real, I eventually called up a cab to take me back to Geogia State University, since I simply could not find my way back. I rushed to my first class in fear of being late, which was by the way an 8 a.m. class, only to find out timing did not matter and this was a computer lab style class.

    Now in my college they have this system called an "FLC." In other words, "Freshman Learn…

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