Monday, June 26, 2017

How To Begin Journaling

Heyyllooo Blogger World! So as summer was lazing by I picked up on a new hobby and maybe you might find it intriguing as well. Journaling has become one of the biggest hobby fads lately. You have probably seen pictures of journals, and doodles, and scrapbooks all over tumblr and instagram. Here is your introductory post into the world of journaling! Most of us when we were younger probably had a "diary." Its never too late to rekindle with yourself now and begin a journal. You don't have to be good at it, but journaling is a form of therapy. It's  a keepsake and souvenir of your memories, it also holds sentimental value and when you re-read it, you can learn alot from yourself. It is just a healthy hobby to adopt. So are you feeling lost? How do you journal? Here's how.

For starters there are many niches of journals. Choose a kind that coincides with your personality.  Whether it be a bullet journal, a art journal, or scarpbook type journal. Based pm that, you must pick a journal that you will love. You don't have to buy into the fad with moleskin journalsm and feel free to pick the journal that fulfills your requirements.
Now its time to document your experiences in your journal. What I usually do is that I gather up scraps and cool pictures from magazines to use. I also print off any pictures I like from online. Save your receipts from special places, tickets and other paper souvenirs from special experiences.

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 I also am a stationary hoarder, so gather up on pretty 
colored pens and markers that you would want to use. Contrary to popular belief you do not need expensive pens like mildliners for journaling, you don't need expensive markers, or anything expensive. I made my whole journal on a budget! Never underestimate dollar store stationary.
You don't have to journal everyday. Just whenever you feel like it. But that does not mean that you procrastinate on journaling for months. You should be motivated to finish the whole journal. It is a very satisfying feeling seeing a fully used journal. Don't feel that you have to be neat or censor yourself in your journal. It is YOUR journal, only for your pleasure. Do not feel the pressure to make it perfect. If a page turns out bad, you can collage over it!

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Image result for journal pinterest

What I do is that I pick a topic each day and make a journal page off of it. It can be about anything.  You can write about your diet, your dreams, your feelings, a show you watched, a book you read, you can write about school or work, you can write about travel, you can draw in it, you can put pictures in it,  you can do anything you want. If you still feel a lack of ideas, just google "Journaling Prompts." These are reflective questions that can get your writing flow started. The key is perseverance and enjoying it. If you enjoy it you will come back to it.

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Image result for journal pinterest

Before I start writing, I prepare the page. I put down the title,  which is the topic of the day. I stick the pictures around the page. Then I write. Unfiltered, stream of consciousness writing. I even switch up the colors of pen, if I'm writing  something I consider key. Its all about making it your own. Journaling is not hard folks. Don't fall into the perception that it has to look like the tumblr journals, or all the pretty journal pictures you see online.

It has to be you. A reflection of you. It does not have to be neat. It does not have to be trendy. It has to be you. Thats that.

Good luck in your journaling ventures!

-ISBAH xoxo

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My University Orientation Experience

Heyyloo Blogger World! It has been a week since I have attended my first new student orientation at my University. I am going to Georgia State University which is in the city of Atlanta, its a very popular college in this state. Anyhoo it was a rainy Tuesday when I attended this orientation. For everyone out there that is soon going to a freshman orientation or if your curious, here was my experience.

So GSU is huge. Huuggee. That school can honestly be its own city. So when I first got there on that drizzled and gray Tuesday. I had a hard time finding the building. But eventually I  did, I got my butt over to the Student Center East building and sat down in the waiting area with all the other freshmans. Now this school has some very posh and lux buildings and then some buildings are just.....not up to par. But it is a public college not private, so it is amazing in that aspect. The Student Center building was lush. High ceilings, glass walls, and blue couches, even a candy shop desk. It had it all. So the wait for sign in was long, but we got free breakfast on the bright side.
We were all given name tags and a string bookbag and a pen...but I lost the pen. Anyway, there is not a better way to persuade your incoming students then a dosage of free school merchandise, am I right? Afterwards we were broken into small groups and assigned to a different tour leader, after some unecessary speeches, the tour began. The tour was alot of fun. But the intensive walk...not so much.

This school has an impressive build and its not closed campus, so essentially this school lays out over the downtown area pretty heavily. I love how it is not your traditional enclosed by a fence campus, and that it is big with various buildings that sprawl across downtown Atlanta. We got to see the auditoriums, the various class buildings,  the cool bridges and walkways that connected certain buildings, we even got to see the 5 floor library that houses nearly 4 million books. I know right. Blew my mind too. We even got to see the huge towering glass building gym, with its cool rock climbing walls and weight lifting rooms. Another cool area we got to see was the in school cinema. Yes GSU actually has a mini movie theatre in the building, free for its students.

After we  had been finessed to this high peak by the tour guides, they had shown us all the cool and fun things in campus, we retired to a cushioned dining hall. GSU has multiple dining halls, we got to see the nicest one, which is the Piedmont dining hall. We walked in and were blown away. There were buffets of everything you can imagine. Pizza, fries, slushies, ice cream, soups, bbq, sandwiches,  rice, pie, cookies, pasta, tea, coffee, woah. But the dining hall is mainly for the dorming students, I'm a commuter kid and I don't plan on buying a meal plan anyway. But it was beautiful and modern. It wasn't  a classy dining hall, it was modern and hip. It had multicolored walls, hanging lights and glass walls.

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After we had stuffed our stomachs, we headed out again in the rain to the an auditorium.  There were many desks by different school clubs and organizations set up, we pretty much got to walk around and get to know all the free extracurricular programs on campus. GSU truly has over 100s of programs to get involved on campus. They have any club you can think of. Honestly. The most eyecatching one was the Spotlight program, a club where you pretty much help set up huge parties, events, and festivals in the school. I was impressed to find out that this program was so huge that they have had famous celebrities and rappers come perform in the GSU live theater.

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After that stuff, the seriousness began, when class registration loomed over our heads. Long story short, the registration took foooorrreeevvveeeer. I got stuck in a predicament where my class timings kept overlapping. Sooo that took a good hour to fix. But eventually after that we all moved on to the financial aid lines. I handled my business there and got out. Finally free of the orientation. The whole event was long, so incoming college freshman.....beware. Orientations are lengthy. I was pretty much up since 6am and got home at 7pm. It really does consume your whole day.
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All in all my advice for college orientations would be to dress comfortably, and bring every important document linked to your being. I'm serious.  Bring your citizenship stuff, bring the social security,  bring your ID, bring your college documents. Bring everything.  It is sooo vital. In the financial aid step of your orientation,  trust me, something always comes up. You can have it fixed right then if you have any proof or documentation. Just do it! Also on the other note.  If you do go to a college orientation.....make friends. I did not follow that one that much. In the first half I didn't meet anyone of my interest, in the second half I did and it made the whole orientation memorable.

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This was essentially my orientation experience,  many college students will go through an orinetation day just like this. Alot of people brought there parents along, but honestly you don't need to. They separate the parents into another group anyway. Just come by yourself and have fun. Be talkative and really observe your college. You will be here the next few years. Make the most of it. And if you are going to GSU and you happen to tumble on to this itty bitty blog...hey....wassup.
I  probably need to do whole other blog for a GSU tour honestly. The school is impressive in its hip and modern chic build. But that I will do when I actually get to the school, so I can get pictures and dish the truth about the campus. Well thanks for reading this long rant of my experience.

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Thank you for reading!!!

-ISBAH xoxo

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Cute Little Shopping Haul

Heyylloo Blogger World! This is going to be a quick post. A few days ago, I got to go shopping.  The first taste of oxygen ever since summer break began.

 Anyway in the casualty of shopping I stumbled upon this bag. And oh my goodness.....was it the cutest bag ever. It has no brand no company,  no nothing on it. But it was a golden find,  seriously.  I love cats and i love pink. This bag was my soul mate. It was there, all hidden by other purses in the racks. Its sooo beautiful. 

 It has a leathery feel fabric, small little cat ears and cute eyelashes with a kitten face on it, and the rosegold. Not only that, the backpack straps are padded and they threw in a cute pom pom keychain. Talk about perfection. I have never in my life found a bag that was an imitation of my personality.  You can guess what happened next....I bought it in a heartbeat. 

It was pretty inexpensive as well, only $20. Considering the fact that many stylish mini bookbags are pretty pricey, this was a godly moment. I had been searching online everywhere for a cute bookbag for next year, and nature connected me with the right bag so coincidentally.

 Other than the bag I got two new pairs of shoes for the next school season and a little makeup tray organizer, since I got a new dresser. This was easily my most satisfying shopping trip, it was as if, everything was laid out for me. I kept finding exactly what I searched for. That was a rare moment of bliss everyone. Long story short, I will be using the bag for fall semester in college.



Lets see how it really runs. But, a quick update. My orientation is this Tuesday, and oh god will I have alot to say to about that. Lets see how my first college orientation goes. Anyhoo, that was my lil mini burst on the amazing shopping finds.

Thankyou for reading!

-ISBAH xoxo

Sunday, May 21, 2017

How To Beat Time In A Rush

Hellooo Blogger World, I know I didn't post for a couple of days...mostly because I was getting my life together! Anyway, summer has began for me and next Fall is going to be the craziest ride of my Summer already has been draggy and slow, but atleast I get to sleep in late. Recalling from this hectic senior year in high school, I realized that through all the hustle, I learned a few tips on how to get ready fast in a rush. Here are all the secrets to beat the clock in a rushed morning.

Plan Outfits Before Hand
This probably sounds annoying, but I was just raised that way. I always plan my outfits for the week on Sunday and hang them all up. This way, if something needs to be laundered,  it can be and you can pick all your accessories in piece. No getting up in the morning,  tyring on, ironing, anf changing from outfit to outfit.  This is life changing. Just pick out a few outfits on the weekend, iron them and get your life together girl. If you don't procrastinate on your outfits, you will be the best looking mess ever. Leaving everything to the morning of, is the worst thing you can do to yourself. This way all the clothing stress for the week is done and gone.

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Easy Hair Solutions
On rushed mornings do not be that person that takes a long karaoke filled shower. Just don't.  If you really stink then maybe.  Best thing to do is to always wash your hair the night before, that is what I prefer. But otherwise, take some baby powder, dump some of that into your hair and massage your hair real quick. Its a cheap alternative to dry shampoo and gives you undeniable volume and thickness. Trust me, this is coming from a fine haired girl. Then quickly plug in the hairdryer and blow out that white dusty stuff. Then either do a quick bun, ponytail, or braid. Leaving your hair open on a messy hair day, is not a good option. A done up hairstyle, conceals all that has to be hidden. To gige your bun or ponytail extra volume, take two bobby pins and pin them into the back of your scrunchie. This way your hairdo will not sag down and will stay upright.  I do the bobby pin thing like everyday. Its a miracle. Especially since I have fine hair, my ponytail gives into gravity.

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Easy Breezy Breakfast
Now don't get all beauty guru and try to whip up a fancy entree last minute. It will not happen. Always have some ingredients at home for that quick panic breakfast.  Ideas can include: pancakes made from the boxed mix, a fruit bowl, quick boil oats, milkshake, scrambled egg with chopped vegetables, toast and nutella, cereal and milk, granola bar and yogurt, egg sandwich, and so on. The list is endless. You can always whip up something real quick. Do not skip breakfast or get into your car and hit up the McDonald's drive thru for some nasty egg mcmuffin stuff. Remember,  we want to be a healthy not fatty.

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Pack That Bag
When you pack that bag pack it fast, whether it be your purse or bookbag. Toss everything in,  no time for organization. Toss in all the books, pencils,  laptop, whatever.  Don't forget anything! If you have a gut feeling you should take some assignment or project with it. Don't be that kid that forgot their project at home, when your gut told you something was up. After your pack. Run.

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Makeup In Minutes
This is for the glam dolls, that actually care what they look like and can not stand being sleazy. I got you covered too. The best thing to do is to slap on that foundation, really quick. Let it set, then skip the eyeshadows and eyeliner, get to mascara and lips. Use a bright lipcolor, it tricks the mind into thinking that you put effort in to your makeup. If you get stuck on the eyeshadows and eyeliner, you will be late. Big time. Grab the highlighter though, you have to atleast be looking moist and shiny if not fancy. Streak it across each cheekbone and the nose bridge real quick. That should do it. If you still look like hell, pack the makeup bag with you and do it on the run or on the bus or train.
Well that should do it!

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 Look, you can't get any more innovative on a rushed morning, I was brutally honest, I'm not going to glamorize it and make it seem easy. Rushed mornings are all about the sacrifice of your usual routine. Being prepared beforehand is the only savior to the time catastrophe. Even with a bad morning, don't let it influence the rest of your day. You should still have a good day. Hopefully this helped your lives, I know for me it did. This is all stuff that I learned purely by experimentation.  It seriously works, so I can actually sleep in past the alarm time and get ready all fine. I take literally 30 mins every morning, and that includes eating. Talk about getting the most out of your sleep time. Just because you are a girl, does not mean your looks can't slay and you can't save time. It is very possible!

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Thankyou for reading!!!


Saturday, May 6, 2017

College Dorms Vs. Staying At Home

Heyylloo Blogger World! How is everyone doing today? As an incoming freshman to college, I am documenting that journey on this blog as well as providing insight for all the teens like me, who will one day stand in the battlefield of College applications and registration. I considered doing this post after numerous peers told me, they had chose to dorm for college. Me on the other hand. I chose not to. So today I will present to you the Ups and Downs of either choice, this way you can make the best decision for yourself!

Alot of students has adopted this fantasy of dorms being this freedom away from home, and that dorms are just like the disney movies, and that everything will be rainbows and flowers. Really think critically in to the situation. Dorming looks fun, and it is fun. But is it worth it with all the hassle it comes with. When you dorm, realize you have to cook, clean, launder, as well pay your bills, and study. That is practically alot for a college student who has a low wage job and has a grade to sustain. Keep in mind many dorms do not come with ovens , or mini fridges, or a personal bathroom. Most everything is shared. So if you are the kind of person, who values privacy and freedom....dorms are not for you.

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You will end up lugging your laundry around, waiting in lines to have it done, waking up and cooking, using either a microwave or hot plate, and using processed, unhealthy, instant cook food. You will end up cleaning after messy roommates, or having your already small space trampled by someone else. You will most likely end up sharing a bathroom. And, if you love your shower regime, say goodbye to that. Now you will have to share the bathroom and other people will put their soaps, shampoos, and beauty products in there as well. You will have to wait to pee, if there is a line at the door. You will end up pretty much using the dryer to get the wrinkles out of  your clothes, since there will be no provided iron and board. You will have to fork out money for internet connection, grocery, cleaning products, and basic house care needs. If you get into trouble or fall ill, your family is too far to give immediate help. You have no medical insurance or medicinal help in a dorm, as your local doctor as back in your hometown. You will have so much piled on to your head along with actually getting your work done.

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Now that sounded very negative and anti-dorm. But that was a snapshot of the reality of living by yourself in a few foots worth of space along with other students. Now here is the good side for dorming. If you dorm, you will learn responsibility, you will become more mature and self sufficient. You will learn so many cooking, laundry, and shopping hacks, that will be of use in adult life. Dorms in a sense, force you to grow up. Since you are your own, everything is liable on you. Dorms also allow you to learn sharing and cooperation, you also make more memories than a Non-dorm student. You get to connect with the campus, go on crazy adventures, live a little and break a few rules, no one is there to stop you. You get to make friends and end up becoming like a family with your fellow dorm residents. You can go anywhere you want, do and eat as you please. Its like being in your own world, where what you say goes. You get go to parties and actually experience a very vibrant social life and have the most fun you have ever had. That dorm becomes like a home for you, and the college campus becomes your new neighborhood.

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While those are the opposing sides of dorming, here is a glimpse of staying at home and being a commuter student. For starters, your bills are paid for. You can use the internet at home, sleep in your room in you comfortable bed. You don't have to share with strangers, you aren't forking out thousands to pay for a small box of a room, called a dorm. You can stay in your home town, no home sickness. You come home and do your work in your little place, you get to study more and focus more. There is no crazy partying or crazy students to distract you. There is food on the table, and ease at home. There is a tv, wifi, refrigerator, oven, washing machine, all you can need at home. You have little worries for grocery, or bills, or running to be first in line at the bathroom. You can shower when you please, eat when you please, you don't have to follow school rules at home, or have to eat dining hall meals. You can live your life as you have been used to, in ease and comfort at home. There is no extra added stress or an extra price tag to living at home, like you always did. It is alot more comfy to come home and take a nap, to do homework and studying in your little bedroom. Its all yours and its all familiar. Plus, your parents or family are right by you, so if any trouble occurs, you have backup.

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But staying at home can have drawbacks as well. For instance, you don't get to do the crazy partying or have as a vibrant social life. Your parents can still instill rules and chores on you, you are still under their custody. You will not get the totally free essence that dorms have. You will have to commute to your college, which can be painstakingly strenuous at times. You will still have to put up with your siblings or crazy family. You will not get a change of lifestyle and you won't get to be as involved on campus. You won't be able to make as many new friends or make as many memories as someone living at college. You will still have to make it home on time and wake up on time to get to class. You will be stuck in your same little town and not be having those new experiences as the rest. Drawbacks on any situation depend on your home life and family. But this is the basic overview.

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Now that I have laid down just the few of the many scenarios that can occur in either type of residency,  it is up to you to weight the outcomes and choose. Personally, what I recommend is that you stay home for your bachelors. Bachelor degrees are 4 year degrees that are the mere stepping stone to go ahead to get a masters or go to a special school, like medical school. Bachelors are very primary degrees and many students aspire to go ahead in a career. By staying home during your bachelor years, it will be an easier transition into college, and you save loads of money. That loads of money saved comes to use when you decide to go for a masters or medical/pharmacy/dentistry school. Master degrees have very low seating available, so the chances of you being accepted to an out of state college are very high, thus eventually you will have to dorm. It is better to stay at home on your first degree and then move out for your higher degrees. Higher degrees usually require a move out anyway, since they will be in faraway colleges or require residency programs.

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That was just my little bit on the matter. I hope this post offered some insight to the situation on both sides. It is totally subjective, it depends on how far you will go, how many years of school you choose, and your family or home life. Regardless, make the most of your college years, they are an emblem of your youth at the finest. It doesn't come around again. It is one of the most awaited times of your life that will be gone in a blink of an eye. Enjoy it!

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Thankyou for reading!

-ISBAH xoxo

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Underrated Books To Try This Summer

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Heyylloo Blogger World!
Summer is approaching fast for us all and many of us will head out to travel, venture, or be at home browsing the internet. Every year we have a myriad of teen books released, from which some become box office movie hits, or some decease in book stores. Just because a book is not insanely popular does not mean it is not a good story. Here are some unrecognized but amazing reads for Summer of 2017.

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Ashes On The Waves-Mary Lindsey:
This story entails the tail of a young boy by the name of Liam who lives on an arbitrary island of the coast of the United States. His island is disconnected from technology and modernism, and live very primitively with spiritual and superstitious beliefs. The people on this island are closed minded and believe on old ancient myths. They have shunned him, as they believe he is a demon, for one of his arms is paralyzed and his mother died giving birth to him. Liam waits everyday to meet a girl he met once long ago, he has fallen madly in love with her and he waits for her for years. When she finally arrives on the island from the city, they both fall in love and overcome their differences. The townsfolk do not want to see those two in love and forbid that the girl be with a "demon." Throw in some supernatural creatures, an old abandoned mansion, a housekeeper with too many secrets, Liam's unknown past, their impossible love being from different backgrounds, and some murders. This book is intense, emotional, and has a very tragic and ironic ending. Every suspenseful event from framed murders, to Liam's house being burnt down, to him on deathrow by the townsfolk, who are bent on hanging him have got a pretty exciting story. This is a definite read.

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Sanctum- Sarah Fine
This story follows two best friends. One girl is wealthy and has it all, yet she is depressed, another is a foster child, who has a history of abuse, yet she is full of strength. These two foil characters are juxtaposed in an insane journey. The rich girl commits suicide and for that sin she enters the gates of hell. The orphaned girl, is desperate to help her friend, as visions of her suffering enter her mind. The orphaned girl dies naturally a few days later and sees herself at the gates of heaven. She treks on a dangerous journey through the gates of hell, to save her best friend. She ends up meeting a mysterious Guardian of Hell, who agrees to help her. They eventually fall in love and must come to terms that he belongs in hell and she belongs in heaven. They risk their lives searching the demon ridden, and psychotic creature ridden Hell kingdom to find her best friend and save her from a miserable forever after. This book is poignant, it shows deep sacrifice. It shows how strong a friendship can be, that one can risk their eternity for it.

            Image result for sanctum sarah fineImage result for book aesthetic pinterest

Palace Of Mirrors-Margaret Peterson Haddix
Cecilia has always been told, to stay in hiding in a forest, away from civilization. She has tutors who come and teach her everyday. She was told she was the next princess, the next heir to the throne and that staying in hiding was the way to stay safe from the rebels trying to overthrow the kingdom. The rebels has murdered the King and Queen. A decoy princess was on throne, to protect the real princess, Cecilia. One day Cecilia musters the courage to venture out of hiding along with her friend, Harper. They travel to the kingdom to reclaim the throne, she gets there only to realize that many other girls had been told they were the next princess as well. This book is full of mystery and the answer is not so simple. Very interesting indeed.

             Image result for palace of mirrorsImage result for books aesthetic tumblr minimalism

Between-Jessica Warman
This story entails the life after death of a girl named Elizabeth. She has spent all her life in a facade of perfectionism, and believed she was the best. She had the best, ate the best, and wore the best. She even had a boyfriend, a mansion, rich parents. She had everything imaginable. Yet on the night of her birthday, which was held on a luxury cruise ship, she was found dead. She then as a ghost relives the nightmare of her death and gets to see from a new point of view that her friends were never really her friends, her life was always flawed, and all the people she had bullied in her lifetime were not who she thought they were. She faces the biggest shock, when she finds out her murderer was someone very dear to her. This book is ridden in angst and regret, it is all about redemption and learning your mistakes when it is too late. Also a very great mystery.

                      Image result for between bookImage result for books aesthetic tumblr minimalism green

Numbers-Rachel Ward
This novel brings forth a dilemma of a young girl. She is a dropout, has no life planned out for her, and lives mostly on the streets of London. She has been haunted by a constant problem. When she looks into someone's eyes, she can see the date of their death. Now she can not face anyone or make friends or any relations. She is in pain, as she watched her mother die and now fears death. She finds herself falling for a problematic boy like her, they decide to go on an adventure and explore together. As they get closer, she can't bear the pain her heart carries. Every time she looks into his eyes, she knows he only has a few weeks left to live. Afraid, of losing someone she loves, she succumbs to suicidal tendencies and cuts herself off from the world.

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Well that was it for today. Have a great time reading and read books that will actually impact you. Powerful stories like these are not to be put down, even if they haven't garnered as much popularity as other YA novels today. Never judge a book until you actually open it up. I personally enjoyed all these reads and hopefully you all do as well!

Thankyou for reading

-ISBAH xoxo