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Life Is A Gamble

Heyylloo Blogger World! I have finally sat down for another post. This new idea has also been running in frenzies in my head and I have to get it out. A few weeks ago as my college classes let out for a short break in between,  me and two friends headed over to a popular eatery for some lunch. As we go sat down on the tables outside under the dappled shade of the leaves, and warm boxes of food in our hands, an unusual event took place. 

Halfway through an old woman on the table behind begins talking to me. Long story short, she was a refugee who had been traveling the states with nothing but two bags of belongings. She hadn't had anything to eat. I got up and got her a pizza, which she gulped down in a few bites. I talked to her, kept her company, gave her some medication, and some more to eat. I watched as her hands shook as she drank water from a cup. She was a refugee from Turkey and had wandered the globe to find a place where she could seek refuge. Somehow she had ended up h…

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