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Over Achievers Vs Average People

Heyylloo Blogger world, I know I vanished for a while. That's because I wasn't really feeling this blog. Life style type posts are just not my thing. They are so cliche and overused to me. I decided to the rebrand what this blog is and actually talk about thought provoking topics here. I've had a flurry of ideas encircling my mind about things to write, but I barely get time to enact upon them. Well, here is my topic of the day. Over Achievers vs. Average people.

This idea struck me when I was in a conversation with a peer who has the same major as me. Alot of my peers in my classes have dreams of going to medical school and becoming some huge form of a doctor. I haven't met anyone thus far in my freshman year of college, who hasn't wanted to go to medical school. I immediately felt ostracized when everyone in my classes discussed their future plans....why? Because, I don't want to go to medical school. It always made me the outlier in a conversation. Thus thi…

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