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A Review Of The DC Superhero Girl Dolls

Heyylloo Blogger World! This most might seem a bit out of line, but I feel like someone had to talk about it. If you don't know, I am obsessed with dolls and other such girly toys. So you'll see a post on that occasionally. Doll collecting and Doll photography as well Doll related arts, is a very niche hobby. Thus, many do not know of it. Regardless, I love the doll community and we have all shared our ups and downs together with the recent new doll lines being released by Mattel.

          Mattel is the epitome of everything dolls, as we know it. They own Barbie, Monster High, and Ever After High. They are the powerhouse of the toy industry for girls. It has been a year or so, since a new line has been released by them. This line happens to be the DC Superhero Girls. Mattel had landed a licensing deal last October, to bring our favorite comic book heroines to life. DC girls are bringing forth a huge change in the doll industry.

         They have opened up the…

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