Underrated Books To Try This Summer

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Summer is approaching fast for us all and many of us will head out to travel, venture, or be at home browsing the internet. Every year we have a myriad of teen books released, from which some become box office movie hits, or some decease in book stores. Just because a book is not insanely popular does not mean it is not a good story. Here are some unrecognized but amazing reads for Summer of 2017.

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Ashes On The Waves-Mary Lindsey:
This story entails the tail of a young boy by the name of Liam who lives on an arbitrary island of the coast of the United States. His island is disconnected from technology and modernism, and live very primitively with spiritual and superstitious beliefs. The people on this island are closed minded and believe on old ancient myths. They have shunned him, as they believe he is a demon, for one of his arms is paralyzed and his mother died giving birth to him. Liam waits everyday to meet a girl he met once long ago, he has fallen madly in love with her and he waits for her for years. When she finally arrives on the island from the city, they both fall in love and overcome their differences. The townsfolk do not want to see those two in love and forbid that the girl be with a "demon." Throw in some supernatural creatures, an old abandoned mansion, a housekeeper with too many secrets, Liam's unknown past, their impossible love being from different backgrounds, and some murders. This book is intense, emotional, and has a very tragic and ironic ending. Every suspenseful event from framed murders, to Liam's house being burnt down, to him on deathrow by the townsfolk, who are bent on hanging him alive...you have got a pretty exciting story. This is a definite read.

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Sanctum- Sarah Fine
This story follows two best friends. One girl is wealthy and has it all, yet she is depressed, another is a foster child, who has a history of abuse, yet she is full of strength. These two foil characters are juxtaposed in an insane journey. The rich girl commits suicide and for that sin she enters the gates of hell. The orphaned girl, is desperate to help her friend, as visions of her suffering enter her mind. The orphaned girl dies naturally a few days later and sees herself at the gates of heaven. She treks on a dangerous journey through the gates of hell, to save her best friend. She ends up meeting a mysterious Guardian of Hell, who agrees to help her. They eventually fall in love and must come to terms that he belongs in hell and she belongs in heaven. They risk their lives searching the demon ridden, and psychotic creature ridden Hell kingdom to find her best friend and save her from a miserable forever after. This book is poignant, it shows deep sacrifice. It shows how strong a friendship can be, that one can risk their eternity for it.

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Palace Of Mirrors-Margaret Peterson Haddix
Cecilia has always been told, to stay in hiding in a forest, away from civilization. She has tutors who come and teach her everyday. She was told she was the next princess, the next heir to the throne and that staying in hiding was the way to stay safe from the rebels trying to overthrow the kingdom. The rebels has murdered the King and Queen. A decoy princess was on throne, to protect the real princess, Cecilia. One day Cecilia musters the courage to venture out of hiding along with her friend, Harper. They travel to the kingdom to reclaim the throne, she gets there only to realize that many other girls had been told they were the next princess as well. This book is full of mystery and the answer is not so simple. Very interesting indeed.

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Between-Jessica Warman
This story entails the life after death of a girl named Elizabeth. She has spent all her life in a facade of perfectionism, and believed she was the best. She had the best, ate the best, and wore the best. She even had a boyfriend, a mansion, rich parents. She had everything imaginable. Yet on the night of her birthday, which was held on a luxury cruise ship, she was found dead. She then as a ghost relives the nightmare of her death and gets to see from a new point of view that her friends were never really her friends, her life was always flawed, and all the people she had bullied in her lifetime were not who she thought they were. She faces the biggest shock, when she finds out her murderer was someone very dear to her. This book is ridden in angst and regret, it is all about redemption and learning your mistakes when it is too late. Also a very great mystery.

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Numbers-Rachel Ward
This novel brings forth a dilemma of a young girl. She is a dropout, has no life planned out for her, and lives mostly on the streets of London. She has been haunted by a constant problem. When she looks into someone's eyes, she can see the date of their death. Now she can not face anyone or make friends or any relations. She is in pain, as she watched her mother die and now fears death. She finds herself falling for a problematic boy like her, they decide to go on an adventure and explore together. As they get closer, she can't bear the pain her heart carries. Every time she looks into his eyes, she knows he only has a few weeks left to live. Afraid, of losing someone she loves, she succumbs to suicidal tendencies and cuts herself off from the world.

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Well that was it for today. Have a great time reading and read books that will actually impact you. Powerful stories like these are not to be put down, even if they haven't garnered as much popularity as other YA novels today. Never judge a book until you actually open it up. I personally enjoyed all these reads and hopefully you all do as well!

Thankyou for reading

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