Cute Little Shopping Haul

Heyylloo Blogger World! This is going to be a quick post. A few days ago, I got to go shopping.  The first taste of oxygen ever since summer break began.

 Anyway in the casualty of shopping I stumbled upon this bag. And oh my goodness.....was it the cutest bag ever. It has no brand no company,  no nothing on it. But it was a golden find,  seriously.  I love cats and i love pink. This bag was my soul mate. It was there, all hidden by other purses in the racks. Its sooo beautiful. 

 It has a leathery feel fabric, small little cat ears and cute eyelashes with a kitten face on it, and the rosegold. Not only that, the backpack straps are padded and they threw in a cute pom pom keychain. Talk about perfection. I have never in my life found a bag that was an imitation of my personality.  You can guess what happened next....I bought it in a heartbeat. 

It was pretty inexpensive as well, only $20. Considering the fact that many stylish mini bookbags are pretty pricey, this was a godly moment. I had been searching online everywhere for a cute bookbag for next year, and nature connected me with the right bag so coincidentally.

 Other than the bag I got two new pairs of shoes for the next school season and a little makeup tray organizer, since I got a new dresser. This was easily my most satisfying shopping trip, it was as if, everything was laid out for me. I kept finding exactly what I searched for. That was a rare moment of bliss everyone. Long story short, I will be using the bag for fall semester in college.



Lets see how it really runs. But, a quick update. My orientation is this Tuesday, and oh god will I have alot to say to about that. Lets see how my first college orientation goes. Anyhoo, that was my lil mini burst on the amazing shopping finds.

Thankyou for reading!

-ISBAH xoxo