How To Begin Journaling

Heyyllooo Blogger World! So as summer was lazing by I picked up on a new hobby and maybe you might find it intriguing as well. Journaling has become one of the biggest hobby fads lately. You have probably seen pictures of journals, and doodles, and scrapbooks all over tumblr and instagram. Here is your introductory post into the world of journaling! Most of us when we were younger probably had a "diary." Its never too late to rekindle with yourself now and begin a journal. You don't have to be good at it, but journaling is a form of therapy. It's  a keepsake and souvenir of your memories, it also holds sentimental value and when you re-read it, you can learn alot from yourself. It is just a healthy hobby to adopt. So are you feeling lost? How do you journal? Here's how.

For starters there are many niches of journals. Choose a kind that coincides with your personality.  Whether it be a bullet journal, a art journal, or scarpbook type journal. Based pm that, you must pick a journal that you will love. You don't have to buy into the fad with moleskin journalsm and feel free to pick the journal that fulfills your requirements.
Now its time to document your experiences in your journal. What I usually do is that I gather up scraps and cool pictures from magazines to use. I also print off any pictures I like from online. Save your receipts from special places, tickets and other paper souvenirs from special experiences.

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 I also am a stationary hoarder, so gather up on pretty 
colored pens and markers that you would want to use. Contrary to popular belief you do not need expensive pens like mildliners for journaling, you don't need expensive markers, or anything expensive. I made my whole journal on a budget! Never underestimate dollar store stationary.
You don't have to journal everyday. Just whenever you feel like it. But that does not mean that you procrastinate on journaling for months. You should be motivated to finish the whole journal. It is a very satisfying feeling seeing a fully used journal. Don't feel that you have to be neat or censor yourself in your journal. It is YOUR journal, only for your pleasure. Do not feel the pressure to make it perfect. If a page turns out bad, you can collage over it!

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What I do is that I pick a topic each day and make a journal page off of it. It can be about anything.  You can write about your diet, your dreams, your feelings, a show you watched, a book you read, you can write about school or work, you can write about travel, you can draw in it, you can put pictures in it,  you can do anything you want. If you still feel a lack of ideas, just google "Journaling Prompts." These are reflective questions that can get your writing flow started. The key is perseverance and enjoying it. If you enjoy it you will come back to it.

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Image result for journal pinterest

Before I start writing, I prepare the page. I put down the title,  which is the topic of the day. I stick the pictures around the page. Then I write. Unfiltered, stream of consciousness writing. I even switch up the colors of pen, if I'm writing  something I consider key. Its all about making it your own. Journaling is not hard folks. Don't fall into the perception that it has to look like the tumblr journals, or all the pretty journal pictures you see online.

It has to be you. A reflection of you. It does not have to be neat. It does not have to be trendy. It has to be you. Thats that.

Good luck in your journaling ventures!

-ISBAH xoxo